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Consumer Unit (fusebox) Replacment

Why should I replace my consumer unit?

/ Safety

/ To reduce the risk of fires

/ To reduce the risk of electric shocks

/ Certain older consumer units use asbestos in the fuses

/ Aesthetically looks more appealing

/ To allow for additional circuits in the future

/ To add RCD (safety trip switch)


What is involved?


 While doing a consumer unit all power will need to be isolated.


 We will then need to test every point on each circuit in order to make sure everything is safe to reconnect after   the consumer unit is done.


 Once we have tested everything we will have a good understanding of any faults which may need to be   rectified before the consumer unit is installed.


 Assuming no faults were found we can then proceed to installing the consumer unit.


 After it has been installed we do some more testing.

 It is a requirement that all consumer unit replacements are registered with part P and an electrical installation   certificate is issued.

                    Before                                         After