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LED Lighting

DJD Electrical frequently gets asked about LED lighting. So we thought that it would be useful to highlight the benefits and explain some of the options that are available.

We can help households and businesses reduce their carbon footprint & save money at the same time by upgrading to high efficiency LED lighting.

One of the easiest ways would be to replace the inefficient halogen lamps usually found in downlights with dedicated LED equivalents. These fittings do not have replaceable lamps so there is no maintenance required. Most of the brands that we supply and install come with a 7 year warranty.

See our example below to see how they can save energy and money:

14 x 50W halogen lamps = 700W

700W x 4 hours per day = 2.8kWh

2.8kWh x 365 days = 1022kWh per year

1022kWh x 17.38p (EDF Standard (Variable) tariff unit rate in South East) = £177.62 per year

14 x 8.5W LED lamps = 119W

119W x 4 hours = 0.48kWh

0.48kWh x 365 days = 175.2kWh

175.2kWh x 17.38p (EDF Standard (Variable) tariff unit rate in South East) = £30.44 per year

A saving of £147.18 per year on electricity alone! Also, if that isn't enough, the average lifespan of a dedicated LED fitting is around 50000-70000 hours (manufactures data). When compared to a typical halogen lamp of around 2500 hours, you can start to see another cost saving. 

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